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Practical Programming


ICO's Practical Programming course will help you develop an innovative, structured, well-attended film programme. You will come together with programmers from across the UK to workshop a programming idea for your venue, work with industry experts to shape it, then return to your venue to develop it. Along the way, you’ll receive guidance from a dedicated advisor so that you provide the best programme possible.

Venue: The Studio, Birmingham and HOME, Manchester
Schedule: 6 months with meetings on 23-25 September 2015 and 3-4 March 2016
Cost: £350 (+VAT) = £420. Bursaries available through ICO for travel, accommodation, child care and course fees

Who is the course for and what are the entry requirements?

  • Film exhibition professionals (film festivals, cinemas, community screens etc) who would like to create a new programming initiative, or develop an existing one
  • Availability of programming space for your initiative
  • 1 year + programming / exhibition experience 

What will I learn?

  • Shaping a programme: how do you create a clear idea that audiences will want to attend and that works with your venue’s audience?
  • Developing an audience: how do you take risks and retain audiences?
  • Sourcing films from distributors and understanding formats and technical requirements
  • Understanding your audience: how to analyse your audience and understand how they will respond to your programme
  • Working with your team: how to project manage your programme so your marketing, operations and management teams are on board

How is the course structured?

The course will run in three modules:

  • Module 1: Participants will study practical skills for delivering a successful programme and develop their programming concept. (23- 25 Sept 2015 in Birmingham)
  • Module 2: off-site project development from October - February with advisor.
  • Module 3: Participants feedback on their experience with their programming, sharing learning experiences. (3 - 4 March 2016 in Manchester)

The deadline for applications is Monday 24 August (10.00am). To find out more and to apply please visit ICO’s website.

This course is delivered in partnership with the BFI Film Audience Network and Creative Skillset.


Runs over 6 months with meetings on 23-25 September 2015 and 3-4 March 2016

£350 (+VAT) = £420

Apply here

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