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FAN Advice & Experience Scheme

Relaunched for 2018

Are you struggling to put together a marketing plan for your venue?
Do you need advice on attracting new audiences, or programming for a specialist season?
Do you have a technical issue at your venue?

Need guidance on constructing a budget for a film project?
If you feel you are lacking in a specific area of expertise we can provide you with the assistance and knowledge you require to help your organisation develop and grow through the BFI FAN A&E Scheme. Our film industry experts are available to book for half day 1-2-1 sessions, followed by evaluation and practical steps to take next. Sessions can take place over the telephone, Skype or face to face at your convenience.

The Advice and Experience Advisory Scheme was initially a partnership between Film Hubs Central East, North and North West Central that started in 2015, and is now led by Film Hub Scotland. This relaunch sees technical advisors available for the first time, covering every cinema technicality from projection to lighting. 

View all advisors and apply for a session at the A&E website here.

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