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FHS @ EIFF 2017


Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF), which runs from 21 June – 2 July, is world renowned for discovering and promoting the very best in international cinema - and for heralding and debating changes in global filmmaking.

We’re delighted to team up with EIFF to host events and screenings for exhibitors from Monday 26 – Wednesday 28 June 2017 as part of the Festival’s Industry Programme.

We’re offering you the opportunity to attend a discussion on new models of distribution, networking drinks, preview screenings of four new Scottish titles due for distribution in 2017, and a lunchtime presentation from Scottish producers/filmmakers. 

Outline of FHS activity at EIFF 2017


Distribution Rewired: The role of film exhibitors in new models of distribution

With filmmakers and producers exploring new models of distribution and challenging traditional notions of how to build an audience for their films, what is the impact on venues, festivals, exhibitors and audiences? What opportunities are emerging as the gap between filmmakers and cinemas is reduced? What are the issues faced by exhibitors working with DIY distributors? How can the traditional hierarchical distribution system be circumvented to benefit filmmakers and exhibitors alike? Come and hear from filmmakers, exhibitors and folk working in this new paradigm, and join the conversation to share your views and experience.

Confirmed panellists: 
- Mark Cosgrove, Cinema Curator, Watershed
- Heather McIntosh, Programming & Acquisitions Executive, Curzon Home Cinema
- Sally Hodgson, Producer of Marketing & Distribution, PIPOCA

BFI Film Audience Network Drinks Reception

The BFI Film Audience Network invite you to end your day (or start your evening) at EIFF with a drink and a blether with film exhibitors, Festival delegates and filmmakers.



Film screening: Daphne

11.20-12.50, Cineworld 12
Dir: Peter Mackie Burns, UK 2016, 90 mins, 15
Cast: Emily Beecham, Geraldine James, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

A striking debut drama from Scottish director Peter Mackie Burns. Rich in memorably structured scenes and offering a vibrant soundtrack, Daphne is given real drive by the central performance of Emily Beecham in the lead role. Daphne, a young woman juggling a hectic nightlife with a busy restaurant job, finds her life thrown off balance after she saves the life of a young shopkeeper. The façade that she has built to protect herself gradually starts to crack and she takes a fresh look at her fractured life.

Exhibitors Lunch / Producers Presentations
13.00-15.00, Akva Bar

Scottish audiences are proving time and again that there is a strong appetite for films produced in Scotland and this years EIFF plays host to some of the best new films from and about Scotland. Come meet the producers and filmmakers behind these films and hear about their projects and plans over an informal lunch.


Film screening: Teenage Superstars

15.30-17.20, Cineworld 8
Dir: Grant McPhee, UK 2017, 110 mins, U

This impressive follow up to EIFF’s 2015 Audience Award winner Big Gold Dream picks up where the previous documentary left off, and continues its thrilling tour of the pre-Britpop, Scottish music scene. It features bands, such as The Bluebells, The Pastels, The Soup Dragons and an early incarnation of Teenage Fanclub; plenty of rich archive footage; and fascinating interviews with some of the key people of the time, including Edwyn Collins, Bobby Gillespie, Jim Reid, Sean Dickson, Eugene Kelly and Alan McGee; all combine to ensure that this is not one to miss.



Film screening: Edie

11.10-12.52, Cineworld 5
Dir: Simon Hunter, UK 2017, 102 mins, 12A
Cast: Sheila Hancock, Kevin Guthrie, Paul Brannigan

Sheila Hancock is at her sublime best as Edie, an elderly woman who, in the aftermath of the death of her controlling husband, decides to fulfil a long-held dream of climbing a Scottish mountain. Against her daughter’s wishes, she heads to Scotland and employs Jonny (Kevin Guthrie) to help her get the right equipment and train her for the gruelling climb. As the pair talk, bicker and have fun, they reveal more about their lives to each other, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Scottish Highlands. 


Film screening: Donkeyote

16.00-17.25, Cineworld 5
Dir: Chico Pereira, Germany/UK/Spain 2017, 85 mins, U

Spanish-born Chico Pereira constructs a contemplative study of his uncle whose wonderful spirit of adventure belies all of his 73 years in this Scottish Documentary Institute-produced film. Manolo likes to wander the countryside with his donkey and dog by his side, but what happens when, against all advice, he decides to tackle one last, mighty trek? Fascinated by the space between documentary and fiction, Pereira constructs the bones of a narrative around which Manolo’s story unfolds, but as the journey progresses, family bonds reignite, providing a means of catharsis for both men. 

How to book

All activity is free but you must sign up in advance to be added to the relevant guest lists. If you would like to attend please email carolyn@filmhubscotland.com with the following information:
  • Your full name and organisation
  • Which of the above activity you would like to attend

Please note if you have an EIFF Industry or Staff Pass you can attend the majority of FHS activity without needing to sign up in advance. There are just two events which require advanced booking - please email carolyn@filmhubscotland.com to be added to the guest list for:
  • Exhibitors Lunch on Tuesday 27 June (13.00-15.00)
  • Film screening of Edie on Wednesday 28 June (11.10-12.52)

26-28 June 2017


  • Edinburgh

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