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New Scottish features available to book

Add new Scottish features to your programme this autumn/winter by booking Moon Dogs and The End of the Game. Both films are available for theatrical and non-theatrical screenings, with the possibility of cast/crew Q&As.

For more information, to access screeners and to book please contact at the relevant people below.

Moon Dogs
Director Philip John, UK 2016, 1h30m
Watch the trailer

An anarchic, funny, sexy coming-of-age movie, following two teenage step brothers on a road trip across Scotland and the enigmatic girl who comes between them.

Michael (Jack Parry-Jones) lives with his step-brother and music genius Thor (Christy O’Donnell) in Shetland. Thrust together by their parents’ marriage they barely talk – but when Thor ruins Michael’s chances of going to university with his girlfriend Suzy they embark on a chaotic road trip that will push their tenuous relationship to the brink. En route they encounter Caitlín (Tara Lee), a wild, Irish free spirit who dreams of being a singer. The boys fall in love with her as they adventure towards Glasgow.

“A deft blend of mismatched-buddy road movie, coming-of-age comedy and youthful love triangle.” Screen Daily  

“A film that, years from now, folks will feel a Commitments-level of affection for. Recalling the best of Bill Forsyth… Moon Dogs feels like something special.” hmv.com 

Scottish connections:
  • Set & shot in Scotland: Shetland, the Highlands and Glasgow
  • Scottish writers: Raymond Friel & Derek Boyle
  • Scottish producer: Kathy Speirs
  • Scottish actor: Christy O’Donnell
  • Supported by Creative Scotland  
Booking information:
  • Release date: 1 September 2017 (theatrical and non-theatrical)
  • Formats: DCP or DVD
  • Booking contact: Kathy Speirs, Kathy@upha.co.uk
  • Screening fee: £100 fee and 50/50 or 75/35 split
  • Marketing support: Quad posters and PR campaign
  • The film’s cast and producers are available to take part in Q&As
The End of the Game
Director David Graham Scott, UK 2016, 1h10m
Watch the trailer  

A bizarre journey to Africa with a vegan filmmaker and a big game hunter.

Scottish filmmaker David Graham Scott follows old colonial relic Guy Wallace as he prepares to go on his last big game hunt and fulfill his ambition to bag the fearsome Cape buffalo. With his 75th birthday looming, Guy travels from his ramshackle caravan in the northern Highlands of Scotland to the African bush to relive his glory days and finally lay down his guns.  

“A provocative, compelling watch.” Hey U Guys  

“The End of the Game is an honest and brave film… but is also funny, bittersweet, sad and poignant.” Scots Whay Hae  

Scottish connections:
  • Partially set & shot in Scotland: Caithness
  • Scottish director/producer: David Graham Scott
  • Scottish producer: John Archer
  • Supported by Creative Scotland
Booking information:
  • Release date: Available now for theatrical and non-theatrical screenings
  • Formats: DCP, Bluray or DVD
  • Booking contact: John Archer, john@hopscotchfilms.co.uk
  • Screening fee: £100 fee and 50/50 split
  • Marketing support: Quad posters and social media
  • David Graham Scott is available to take part in Q&As

14 August 2017

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